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Property Management

Our full-service property management team combines state of the art technology with local market knowledge to connect tenants with the most compatible properties available.
Experience the convenience, ease, and flexibility our team provides so you can enjoy the fruits of your investment as its value increases. From bill payment and maintenance to property supervision and tenant services, we are at your service, ready to handle every detail for you.


Property Management Leadership

Karinda Boone, General Manager - Rocky Mountains Karinda Boone

General Manager - Rocky Mountains Mainland Support

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Kristin Counter, Senior Director, Property Management Operations Kristin CounterRS-70297

Senior Director, Property Management Operations Big Island

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Lynn Ward, Head Broker Lynn Ward

Head Broker Mainland Support

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Tracy Tyson, General Manager - Colorado Tracy Tyson

General Manager - Colorado Mainland Support

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Property Managers

Alex Rojas, R(S), Property Manager Alex RojasRS-69618

R(S), Property Manager Maui

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Amanda van Weert, R(B), Property Manager Amanda van WeertRB-22549

R(B), Property Manager Big Island

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Breauna Ford, R(S), Property Manager Breauna FordRS-83223

R(S), Property Manager Big Island

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Bryan Patterson, REALTOR(S), Property Manager Bryan PattersonRS-79223

REALTOR(S), Property Manager Kauai

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Charles Cappello, R(S), Property Manager Charles CappelloRS-79249

R(S), Property Manager Maui

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Christa Stark, PM Assistant Christa Stark

PM Assistant Big Island

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Claudia Evenschor, REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager Claudia EvenschorRS-72193

REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager Oahu

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Eilis O'Connor, R(S), Vacation Rentals Eilis O'ConnorRS-78296

R(S), Vacation Rentals Big Island

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Erick Galvan, REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager Erick GalvanRS-77277

REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager Oahu

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Grant Newcombe, REALTOR-Associate, Vacation Rentals Grant NewcombeRS-83299

REALTOR-Associate, Vacation Rentals Oahu

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Jenny Kono, REALTOR-Associate, Vacation Rentals Jenny KonoRS-71668

REALTOR-Associate, Vacation Rentals Oahu

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Katrina Galvan, REALTOR, Property Manager Katrina GalvanRB-23297

REALTOR, Property Manager Oahu

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Kirsten Moe, R(S), Vacation Rentals Kirsten MoeRS-80468

R(S), Vacation Rentals Big Island

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Mark LeRoy, R(S), Property Manager Mark LeRoyRS-76356

R(S), Property Manager Big Island

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Megan Arita, REALTOR-Asscociate, Vacation Rentals Megan AritaRS-73345

REALTOR-Asscociate, Vacation Rentals Oahu

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Nick Benoit, R(S), Property Manager Nick BenoitRS-74367

R(S), Property Manager Big Island

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Paisley Cipres, REALTOR-Associate, Vacation Rentals Paisley CipresRS-75444

REALTOR-Associate, Vacation Rentals Oahu

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Riley Bloom, REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager Riley BloomRS-82422

REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager Oahu

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Sasha Capone, REALTOR-Associate, Vacation Rentals Sasha CaponeRS-73180

REALTOR-Associate, Vacation Rentals Oahu

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Sophia Levesque, REALTOR(S), Vacation Rentals Sophia LevesqueRS-78662

REALTOR(S), Vacation Rentals Kauai

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Yen Upson, REALTOR(S), Vacation Rentals Yen UpsonRS-67982

REALTOR(S), Vacation Rentals Kauai

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Property Management Support

Andrew Dibbern, VR Systems Manager Andrew Dibbern

VR Systems Manager All Islands

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Ashley Hardy, VR Guest Services Ashley Hardy

VR Guest Services Oahu

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Aveilana Saldana, Vacation Rentals Operations Assistant Aveilana Saldana

Vacation Rentals Operations Assistant Kauai

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Bronson Balles, VR Reservations Manager Bronson Balles

VR Reservations Manager All Islands

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Brooke Kiesel-Wood, Property Management Customer Support Brooke Kiesel-Wood

Property Management Customer Support Oahu

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Chale Turner, VR Reservation Support Chale Turner

VR Reservation Support Oahu

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Chris Betancourt, VR Accounting Manager Chris Betancourt

VR Accounting Manager Oahu

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Dominique Salas, REALTOR-Associate, Reservations Manager Dominique SalasRS-81661

REALTOR-Associate, Reservations Manager Oahu

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Dominique Salas, Reservations Manager Dominique Salas

Reservations Manager Oahu

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Heather Mazro, Concierge Agent Heather Mazro

Concierge Agent Mainland Support

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Ikaika Keola-Parrow, VR Reservations Specialist Ikaika Keola-Parrow

VR Reservations Specialist Kauai

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Jean Sumait, Turtle Bay Villas Operations Manager Jean Sumait

Turtle Bay Villas Operations Manager Oahu

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Joseph Gil, LT Accounting Support Joseph Gil

LT Accounting Support All Islands

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Kaohinani Galdeira, VR Operations Manager Kaohinani Galdeira

VR Operations Manager Oahu

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Kashington Kahihikolo, Accounting Assistant Kashington Kahihikolo

Accounting Assistant All Islands

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Kerrie Tindle, VR Accounting Manager Kerrie Tindle

VR Accounting Manager Mainland Support

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Kim Grennan, Vacation Rentals Marketing Manager Kim Grennan

Vacation Rentals Marketing Manager Oahu

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Kristin Counter, Senior Director, Property Management Operations Kristin CounterRS-70297

Senior Director, Property Management Operations Big Island

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Laura Consolante, VR Reservations Specialist Laura Consolante

VR Reservations Specialist Oahu

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Meagan Bremner, VR Reservations Specialist Meagan Bremner

VR Reservations Specialist All Islands

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Michael Hartman Jr, VR Customer Support Michael Hartman Jr

VR Customer Support All Islands

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Natalie Kekahuna, Turtle Bay Villas Operations Manager Natalie Kekahuna

Turtle Bay Villas Operations Manager Oahu

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Rebecca Granda, Portfolio Management Support Rebecca Granda

Portfolio Management Support Mainland Support

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Robin Anderson, VR Accounting Audit Clerk Robin Anderson

VR Accounting Audit Clerk All Islands

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